Founded in 1998 in Canada, Imports Dragon is now the fastest-growing toy & game distribution and manufacturer company in Canada with offices in Toronto, Boisbraind and Hong Kong. Located in Boisbriand Quebec, our head office, showroom and warehousing facilities are home to 30 dedicated employees and over 40,000 square feet of inventory for toys from all over the world.


Imports Dragon is the manufacturer for Caillou, Ubisoft, Just for Laught, Disney and many others. Working closely with our partners is Hong Kong to be manufacturing product with well know license to the world. Imports Dragon manufacturing division is known as ID TOYS.








At Imports Dragon, we service 3 major types of customers:


•-       Children's and Toy Boutiques:  Boutiques are typically known within the industry as Specialty retailers or "non-mass" accounts.  In general, Boutiques are privately owned and operated and focus on the acquisition of products not available to department stores or chain store retailers.



•-       Full Service Accounts:  Our full service accounts represent a few key accounts within our company.  They are personally taken care of by our team and include full-time merchandising support, point of sale analysis and a constant in-flow of new and hot products chosen by our team of experts.



•-       Wholesale Accounts (Mass and Non-Mass):  As of 2008, Imports Dragon has been hard at work developing our own in-house brands for commercial distribution.  We are working on developing great exclusive items for both our Mass and Non Mass accounts.  Stay tuned for some amazing new lines from Imports Dragon!





At Imports Dragon, we're committed to providing a one-stop retail solution for all of our customers' toy needs.  Our purchasing power and strong manufacturer alliances ensure that we're always getting the lowest cost on the hottest new merchandise available.  Unlike traditional wholesalers, we focus on ‘what's hot today' and not just what's available on the market at a good price.


We sincerely believe that the only way that we can grow our business is to help our retailers grow theirs.  That being said, at Imports Dragon, we're willing and able to modify our strategies to do what is right for our customers and cater to their individual and ever changing needs.





Manufacturers today typically have high minimum order quantities for products available and sold directly from Asia. Specialty retailers and boutiques that cannot meet these quantities are required to buy the goods domestically at inflated costs.  As a result, shops and boutiques are forced to set their retail prices far and above those of mass retailers.  At Imports Dragon, we bring in containers weekly from Asia of goods purchased from all the top manufacturers around the world, helping our specialty retail partners achieve more competitive retail prices while maintaining strong profit margins.





Imports Dragon's product portfolio includes a number of different brands and lines from the top manufacturers from around the globe.  At any given time, we have over 3 million dollars worth of quality merchandise in stock and ready to ship.


Our top categories include our Main Line TV advertized items, our Trading Cards and Trading Card Games (TCGs), our very own In-House Exclusive Brands and our Collectible Figurines and Statues



Main line items are usually TV advertized and very popular among kids today.  These are the ‘must have' items that would benefit any retailer when placed on the shelf as they tend to sell out within days of receiving the stock.  Margins tend to be tighter on these advertized lines, but sheer sales volume is the true benefit for retailers today.  Kids typically know what they want to purchase before even entering the stores.  Having the hot products on the shelf is a must for specialty retailers intent on wanting kids to remember that they're up to date with the latest trends and provide the consumers with the confidence that they're able to find what they're looking for within their stores.  Items like these tend to drive traffic to retailers and as a result, retailers benefit from incremental and add-on sales at the time of purchase.       



The Trading Card Business is the original root of Imports Dragon.  We are one of the largest trading card and TCG buyers and distributors in Canada, and we know and understand the business inside out.  We have a number of retail programs available to our customers including wholesale card distribution, pre-packaged in-store display cases and customized card programs for specific retailers and their target consumers.   With over 1200 stores supporting our card program, it's important to be up to date with the latest hot games and emerging trends in a category that fluctuates as quickly as the stock market.


Fall 2009 will represent the launch of some new exclusive toys/toy brands that we have designed in-house and put into production with our manufacturing partners in the Far East.  We are confident that we have developed some great brands with solid marketing strategies.  They're sure to be winners with retailers in every category.  More details to come...



Collectible Figurines and Statues also play a big part in our product portfolio.  Unlike your typical licensed figurines, these figurines are top quality; hand painted, and generally not articulated figures.  Primarily sold through Video Stores (movie Licensed characters), collectible and hobby stores and through our online channel partners, these life-like figurines and statues truly have a presence wherever they're put on display. 

Our in-depth market analysis and precise item selection guarantee our customers access to the best toys and games in the industry.





We promise you to always uphold the most honesty and integrity with our customers and suppliers and we will always do our best to ensure that every one of our customers walks away with a smile on their face and money in their pocket.   













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